The All-Time Best Surfing Quotes

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When you become a surfer and you really catch the bug, there is no coming back. You check the forecast every few hours hoping it’s gonna improve and believe in the most optimistic one. Just to sit around at the beach for hours repeating to your buddies that “it’s building up, can you see that dark line on the horizon? It’s definitely building up”. It’s a feeling only we know. No matter if you’re a pure surfer, kitesurfer, windsurfer or SUP’er. We all share the same passion for the ocean. …read more

4 Reasons To Get Your Kids Surfing

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There is no greater value than giving your kids a chance to really enjoy life and to provide them with balance in this very digitalised world. Showing them that it’s what you do that should make you happy, not what happens around you. To take responsibility for your own life, choose to live happy and not to concentrate on fictional problems created by others. Show them how much stoke you can get from hanging outside, enjoying the sea and teach them how to respect the elements. The gains? 1. They…read more

Rip Curl Rifles Tide Watch Review

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As much as I try to run away from everything while surfing, being a dad and an instructor means I need to control my time on the water. As annoying as this can be, bed time or lessons always kick the living from a nice swell and 25 knots of wind. Since I’ve destroyed my 8-year-old G-Shock I’ve gone to source a replacement. Here’s what I found.