Chapter One Movie – why do we kitesurf?

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Finding a sweetspot between gaining the stoke, adrenaline and drive and getting the beating of your life pretty much defines how I and most of us approach kitesurfing. Make it as extreme or as relaxed as you want.┬áIt’s the most versatile water sport you can get involved with.

Ever since I was 4 I’ve been on the water. Every single spring, summer, autumn and sometimes winter I’ve spent sailing and windsurfing. The latter got replaced with kitesurfing a number of years ago and I’ve never looked back ever since. The limitless possibilities, riding styles – wave, freeride, freestyle and the amazing big air make me always come back for more. If I could I would do this every single day.

And I’m not alone. Being able to free yourself from emails, phone calls, iMessages and the endless scrolling Facebook crap is worth getting out even in the harshest conditions. And yeah, getting away from kids helps to get a grip too. And don’t give me that “I never have enough of kids” bullshit. Kitesurfing helps to clear your mind, shout your lungs out and fill yourself with a stoke that’s hard to obtain in any other way.

Can’t wait for the Chapter One Kitesurfing Movie to come out! Here’s a quick summary of what to expect… and the mindblowing trailer!

The aim with CHAPTER ONE is to make a mark in kiteboarding history. For the first time uniting the best athletes in the world into one cinematic experience. Showing the world that kiteboarding is an amazing sport.

Our movie will inspire and entertain viewers by documenting the exiting adventures of a very diverse group of individuals. Whether our athletes are chasing storms, searching for the perfect waves or stylizing their powerful tricks, this film will keep kiteboarding and non-kiteboarder alike on the edge of their seat.

Combining travel, personal stories, thrilling stunts, world class action and a lot of fun, CHAPTER ONE aims to capture the spirit of the sport and document the first chapter of the kiteboard legacy.